An Enduring Legacy in Harmony

About Your Owners Association

The Owners Association of Harmony, more commonly known as the OAH, was established to own, operate and protect community based amenities, and to maintain a higher standard of maintenance  over what the municipality can provide for public spaces.

Registered as a non-profit organization under the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, the OAH will manage all community amenities, for a fee, through  meaningful input and guidance for future care, maintenance and development of the community. This may include area beautification projects, superior levels of care, the addition of amenity features and organized events. Presently, and until the community reaches its full development potential and is turned over to the residents; the OAH is managed by the developer. In the near future, residents may become board members, directing and facilitating the operations of the OAH.  Annual OAH fees are regularly reviewed by the OAH Board and adjusted to meet the cost required to maintain the amenities and the provision of services.