What You Need to Know About the OAH

Frequently Asked Questions about the Owners Association of Harmony and its' structure

Q: What is the Owners Association of Harmony?

The OAH is a non-for-profit organization created by the developer to own, operate and maintain the community amenities and features of a new community.  Amenities may include entrance signage, ornamental parks and ponds, boulevard landscaping and buildings, to name a few. In addition the OAH provides "enhanced maintenance" of public amenity spaces not maintained by the municipality.

Q: When is an Owners Association established?

The developer will legally establish an Owners Association entity early with the initial stages of the community. The OAH will then be responsible for the maintenance of these amenities and assets, and in some cases, ownership of those amenities and assets located within the OAH property boundaries.

Q: Why is an Owners Association established?

Establishing the OAH protects the value of the common community amenities, and ensures a high standard of maintenance of the common amenities.

Q: Who is a member of the Owners Association?

Membership is mandatory for all  owners within the community of Harmony and the jurisdiction of the OAH.

Q: Are there fees to be a member of the Owners Association?

Yes. The OAH generates operating funds through member fees that are required to be paid. An encumbrance is registered on every property’s Certificate of Title that ensures the value and integrity of the community is maintained for the long-term.  Fees are collected by the OAH and are due annually on July 1. 

As well there is a one-time "Special Amenity Initiation Fee" upon the purchase of a new home in Harmony.  This initiation fee is used to fund the "Special Amenities" of Harmony.

Q: Who benefits from the Owners Association?

All residents in the community of Harmony benefit through the ongoing maintenance of the community amenities. Long term care of these features ensures the value statement created for the project is maintained.

Q: What are the advantages of living in a community with an Owners Association?

An Owners Association is often utilized to maintain the community amenities and physical elements installed by developers of public spaces, not maintained by municipalities. As well, in Harmony, funding of the future "Special Amenities" is secured through the initiation fee. As such, residents enjoy the long-term benefits of amenity-rich environments, which are regularly maintained thus providing a more attractive community.

Q: Who owns the Owners Association of Harmony and how is the Association managed?

The Owners Association of Harmony (OAH) is owned by all property owners in Harmony, which is governed by a set of By-Laws and a Board of Directors.  Harmony Developments Inc. (HDI), currently manages and controls the OAH,  until such time as the OAH can be self-sustaining and / or the community is substantially built-out. This timeline will be solely at the discretion of HDI. Ultimately the OAH will be fully self-funded, and operated by property owners in Harmony with a Board of Directors elected annually at the OAH’s Annual General Meeting.

Q: What do my fees pay for?

Your OAH monthly fees pay for the operations, management and maintenance of Harmony’s community amenities, which may include, but are not limited to:

  • Community pedestrian and bicycle pathways and trails
  • Lake shorelines and beach amenities (including docks)
  • Art in public areas
  • Landscaped areas (both on OAH lands and public)
  • Fencing, gates, community entry monuments and irrigation systems on OAH property and Rocky View County property managed by the OAH
  • Water retention ponds, and overland drainage routes on OAH property or on Rocky View County property managed by the OAH
  • Play structures and fields on OAH property or on Rocky View County property managed by the OAH
  • A Social Membership to the Mickelson National Golf Club of Canada.  Please refer to the Social Membership document for more information.

Your one-time Special Amenity Initiation Fee pays for the capital cost and ownership of the following Special Amenities (to be confirmed):

  • Health and Wellness Club
  • Arts Facility/Theatre
  • Community Building
  • Recreational Building and Facilities

Frequently Asked Questions about Harmony’s Amenities

Q. When will the Harmony Lake be ready to use?

Harmony’s lake is proposed to be built in two stages. The first stage (approximately 40 acres) is currently under construction. The second stage of the lake (approximately 100 acres including wetland areas), is anticipated to begin construction in 2019/2020, subject to Rocky View County approvals. 

Harmony's Lakes will be private facilities for exclusive access to Harmony residents.  As well, Harmony's Lakes are required, by Rocky View County, to provide controlled public access.  Access  to the general public will be on a fee-­-for-­-use basis. Ultimately, lake access will be through access points controlled by the OAH, with the exception of lots that back directly onto the water.  Until perimeter fencing of Stage 1 of Harmony Lake has been installed, the lake is accessible for public use without controlled access. This control will be set in place in 2018/19.

Q. Will motorized boats be allowed on Harmony’s Lake?

No, motorized boats will not be permitted on the lake. Other recreational activities such as sailing and canoeing will be permitted. 

Q. Will the lake be stocked with fish?

Yes, the lake will be stocked to provide year-round fishing opportunities in future years. Water quality will be monitored to ensure the fish population flourishes, and healthy water standards are maintained. Fishing licenses are required. 

Q. What should I do if I see inappropriate activity in Amenity spaces?

Please refer to the OAH Rules and Regulations for more information.

Q. How do I sign up for utility services and waste collection?

Harmony's water and wastewater utilities are operated by Corix Utilities.  As a new homeowner in Harmony you need to sign up for these services prior to occupancy of your new home.  Please click here to download the services application form. For HAWSCO contact information please visit the Corix website.

Please note: to sign up for waste collection services and to begin waste collection, homeowners must complete the HAWSCO Service Application form prior to occupancy. 

As of December 1, 2016 the following waste collection schedule has been put in place:

Summer pick up  will be weekly on Fridays for all services
Winter pick up will be weekly on Fridays for Garbage and Recycling
Winter pick up will be bi-weekly on Fridays for Organics

Q. How do I get my new community mailbox keys?

As a new resident to Harmony, you will need to pick up your mailbox keys.  Please visit the Canada Post website by clicking here,  to find out which post office you should contact for your mailbox keys.  You will need to know your postal code ahead of time, so please do a postal code look up before submitting your service request.