Responsible Stewardship

OAH Governance

Registered as a non-profit organization under the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, the OAH will be responsible for preserving and enhancing Harmony's public spaces, and maintaining Harmony's high development standards.  The OAH is also responsible for the ongoing operations and maintenance of community amenities.

For detailed information on the governance of the OAH, members should log in to the members pages of this website.  The member pages contain information on the structure of the OAH Board, the OAH Bylaws, Rules and Regulations among other things.


The OAH will provide financial and administrative services including, the collection of fees from the members of the OAH, reporting and ongoing disclosure to its members. A portion of the annual dues collected are necessary to fund the on-going operations of the OAH. 

The owners of single family and multi-family residential lots, commercial and retail lots within Harmony, will become members of the OAH, upon creation of those lots. The timing of when the fees are paid by new owners of newly created lots is generally when the property becomes occupied. As such, each member will be responsible for the timely payment of membership fees as set forth in the By-Laws of the OAH. Fees vary based on the specific location of the property, and generally range from $130 to $150 per month.  Fees are due July 1 each year and are to be paid annually with notices provided by the OAH in May of each year.

In addition, upon becoming the registered owner of a property in Harmony, a one time $4,000 initiation fee (plus GST) is required. This one time fee is used to fund the "Special Amenities" in Harmony including:  Community buildings,  Recreational facilities, and Health and Wellness facilities to name a few.  Full details on the Special Amenities and the timing of providing the same, will be outlined to members in due course.

Membership and other matters pertaining to the Association are more fully described in the By-Laws of the OAH which are provided to all members of the OAH.


Each title will be encumbered with a caveat that outlines the monthly fee in favour of the OAH. The OAH may, in one year, choose to charge an amount other than that provided for in the encumbrances, subject to the limitations in the OAH By-Laws.

Resident Member Obligations

The OAH was established to protect the value statement of the Harmony community features and facilities and has a vested interest in ensuring a high level of maintenance and future upkeep of these features. Some of these features and facilities are not funded by municipal taxes, and therefore a monthly fee payable by all property owners in Harmony is required. Each member contributes to the maintenance and care of the community, and its amenities.