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The Purpose of the Owners Association in Harmony

The OAH serves many vital functions in the community. These include:

  • Management and maintenance of the community’s amenities and physical features that go above and beyond what Rocky View County will provide, including, but not limited to, entrance signage, parks, ponds, boulevard landscaping, Harmony lake and it's pathways and any OAH buildings such as the beach club.
  • Membership management and annual fee collection. All members are required to pay the annual OAH fee as it is registered on your property title.
  • Organizing and coordinating community events.
  • Providing access to community features including Mickelson National Golf Club of Canada.

Benefits of the OAH:

  • The OAH is mandated to maintain the community amenities and physical elements which contribute to the long-term appeal and desirability of the community.
  • The OAH is governed by a Board of Directors and a set of By-Laws, ensuring governance, transparency and accountability.
  • In the future, OAH members may become Board Members of the OAH, directing and facilitating operations, overseeing the OAH and playing a direct role in helping shape the community’s future.