Community Features & Lifestyle Benefits

OAH Amenities

Harmony offers amenities in two categories: Base and Special Amenities.  The long-term management and maintenance of these amenities are primarily supported through the OAH fees.

Base Amenities

Base Amenities are included in the purchase price of your property in Harmony.  Please note that the amenities included in the Base Amenities list are subject to change in future.

Your monthly OAH fees pay for the ownership, operations, management and maintenance of Harmony’s Base Amenities, which may include, but are not limited to:

  • Community pedestrian and bicycle pathways and trails
  • Lake shorelines and beach amenities (including docks)
  • Art in public areas
  • Landscaped areas (both on OAH lands and public)
  • Fencing, gates, community entry monuments and irrigation systems on OAH property and Rocky View County property managed by the OAH
  • Water retention ponds, and overland drainage routes on OAH property or on Rocky View County property managed by the OAH
  • Play structures and fields on OAH property or on Rocky View County property managed by the OAH
  • A Social Membership to the Mickelson National Golf Club of Canada

The Social Membership to Mickelson National Golf Club of Canada is designed as a complimentary resource to enhance the quality of life of Harmony residents.  Please view the details of this social membership in the document provided.

Special Amenities

Special Amenities are in addition to the Base Amenities.  Upon becoming a registered owner in Harmony, a one-time $4,000 Special Amenity Initiation fee is required. This fee is used to fund the "Special Amenities" in Harmony. 

The one-time Special Amenity Initiation fee pays for the capital cost and ownership of the following special amenities:

  • Health and Wellness Club
  • Arts Facility/Theatre
  • Community Building
  • Recreational Building and Facilities
 Please note that the amenities noted in the Special Amenities list may change in future.